Welcome to my little patch of cyberspace! 

Thank you for coming along and having a little read! I hope that you find something interesting, funny, thought-provoking and maybe even challenging!

I wanted to have a website purely to just enjoy expressing who I am! And there is something magical in sharing that with others. The main reason I started this site was so I can regularly contribute stuff to the Tarot Blog Hops again!

So this is a place where you can find stuff about magick, tarot, Wicca, Runes, tarot readings, Thelema, astrology and all other kinds of awesome stuff – added as I go along.

My motto, or highest ideal in life is to explore the spark of Spirit in everything we have in this manifested Life. The Kether in Malkuth, finding the spiritual in the mundane and even the mundane in the spiritual (it happens!). I feel that although magic is a wonderful escapism from the world, actually what really makes it transformative is when we let Spirit touch down into our every-day life.
This for me is the real Great Work and Spirit makes its powers known in our lives. 

I hope that my sharing my ‘stuff’ I can inspire you to do the same.

Blessed Be ~ Love is the Law, Love under Will
Lammas 2017



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